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Your global partner in air freight and passenger transportation

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A wide portfolio of services with the highest standards of the airline industry



More than a commercial representative

With an experience of more than 40 years in the airline sector and with a portfolio of more than 20 clients. We represent your company with the highest standards to guarantee optimal sales and representation of the airline in markets on 4 continents. Book this service and start enjoying its benefits today.


You are our priority

At FLG Aviation we ensure the increase in your cargo sales on all your commercial flights, whether scheduled or non-scheduled, maximizing revenue with the permanent search for channels and customers that value your services.
Our international network with more than 40 years in aviation allows us global coverage offering the lowest costs in the market, always variable and linked to joint success.
We adapt to your needs with a wide range of "all inclusive" services: call center / helpdesk, cargo supervision, IATA CASS, commercial and legal representation, revenue management and after-sales.



Global connectivity

FLG Aviation manages its own Interline Solution that allows the opening of new markets for its cargo and passenger sales, allowing an airline to exponentially increase its interline connectivity with a single agreement.
This solution allows the commercialization and distribution under IATA standards (BSP, CASS, SIS, ICH, MITA) in more than 20 countries supported by our global network of offices and our highly professional and experienced cargo and passenger teams around the world.


Commitment to quality

Technology is the basis of our solutions, it allows us to robustly support the commercialization, distribution, revenue management, settlement, cargo tracking and cargo post-sale. Our Hitit Crane Cargo software provides clients with maximum visibility and communication flows.
The IATA CASS platform ensures compliance with the highest industry standards.

Get started now!

“Aviation is an important engine of our world and will play a critical role in lifting the world to recovery from COVID-19. Let us ensure it receives the support it needs to keep the world's nations connected and united. "

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