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We offer you a global solution with all services included




Our extensive commercial structure guarantees a global presence for our clients in each market. Our sales representatives are strategically located to make a much faster and more dynamic development of your company. At FLG Aviation, we have a clear philosophy, we want to be the airline's strategic partner in the area in which we represent it, and for that we offer the most extensive services in the sector:

-Personalized sales visits with highly qualified personnel in the sector.
-Agreements with large chains of travel agencies, OTAs, Tour Operators, Consolidators, etc.
-Dedicated assistance for groups and MICE.
-Agreements to improve connections between lines.
-Market Intelligence, we have the tools to know where potential customers are.
-Communicated in all markets and promotion of your company.
-Reports on competitors.



Professionalism and Experience

At FLG Aviation we put at your disposal your own ad hoc financial department, so that your company has all the accounting, financial services, tax declaration and fiscal obligation fulfilled in the markets in which we represent it. Our staff is highly qualified in tax, accounting and fiscal matters and the financial staff is local in each market, which allows them to have a knowledge of the tax and fiscal regulations covered with absolute guarantees.

We offer among many services:

- Legal representation of your company in each market.

- Report direct sales and BSP.

- ACM / ADM management.

- Payments and conciliation IVAS BSP Local.

- Local finance department for revenue management and accounting.

- Accounting reports.

- Compliance with tax obligations of your company.

- Updating of legal regulations in the market.

- Audits.

- Management of collections and payments to clients.

- Financial software

- I pay taxes in each market.

- Processing licenses and permits.


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Global marketing of your company

FLG AVIATION customers deserve the best. The best standards, the best staff and the best options. For this reason, we offer you significant cost savings in distribution and at the same time allow you to market your company's banknotes in central and marginal markets.


Access global distribution services through our IATA Q4-291 board. With the support of the main GDS platforms (Amadeus, Saber, Travelport) and travel agencies, it will be present in more than 30 global markets. We connect you with more than 45,000 travel agencies around the world.




360 ° Marketing

FLG Aviation's marketing department is made up of highly qualified personnel with experience in the sector.

Our marketing team conducts market research to identify and satisfy the needs of our customers, in order to build customer loyalty.

We offer web management and social media services for our represented airlines, generating quality content to improve your position on the Internet (SEO).

We develop marketing plans adapted to the needs of our clients, we organize Press & Fam Trip, we advise on advertising and we choose the main activities in the sector.
We work with a large database for email marketing, aimed at specific segments.

All focused on generating greater dissemination and knowledge by the market of your company.

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