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Attendance at the IV Intercompany Regatta for Equality

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The FLG Aviation team has been invited to the IV Intercompany Regatta for Equality.


The only regatta in Spain with Corporate Social Responsibility content, in which the participants have no previous experience as sailors and which promotes equality, as they are mixed teams, has exuded enthusiasm on the America's Cup regatta field.

The regatta consists of a sailing training competition in which, in addition to the first three classified companies, the companies Valencia Premium, Biohub, Kimia Group, Camilo José Cela University and the Chamber of Commerce with Invest Valencia have participated and in whose boat sailors have participated from Deutsche Telekom (T-Systems), urb-it, Akkodis, Deimos Group, Taligent, CDTM from Munich, Principal33 on your boat. In total, 350 people including sailors, press, staff and followers.


The regatta begins with a preparatory master class and then, once in the open sea, outdoor training is carried out through different nautical tests in which team strategy and adaptation to change are practiced. At the end, debriefings to analyze and grow in strategy and team unity.

This initiative is valid within the Equality Plan for companies and for inclusion in company training projects, therefore, all registered companies will receive a certificate of participation issued by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare and will become part of the part of the Diversity Charter.


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