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Interview Guillermo López Lázaro, Business Development Director FLG Aviation

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

How has the evolution of the company been in recent years?

The company has grown both in personnel in different countries, as well as in clients and billing. The Euroairlines Group has consolidated its growth plan to be able to offer services to our customers in more than 50 markets.

The Euroairlines Group is made up of four divisions: distribution (Eurodistribution), operation (Euroairlines), commercial representation and BPO services (FLG Aviation) and consulting (LLM Aviation). All divisions have grown in capacity and development of projects with clients. And we are focused on the expansion plan for the next two years.

Beginnings of Eurodistribution in Mexico, Icex offices in Mexico City

What news does the company have for this year 2023?

FLG Aviation is present in 11 markets in America (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, United States, Virgin Islands, Martinique, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Reunion) and in 15 in Europe and the Middle East (Germany, Belgium, France , Czech Republic, Israel, Italy, San Marino, United Kingdom, Holland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Andorra, Switzerland, Turkey).

For the first quarter of 2023, the company plans to open 13 new markets in Africa, America and Asia. So we are in a very important year for all of us and excited by the immense network of services that we are forming for our clients.

Mexico City Event with Mexico Eurodistribution Delegate Magdalena Berrueta

In terms of sales channels and customer connectivity offered by FLG Aviation?

FLG Aviation is present in global GDSs (Amadeus, Saber and Travelport) and is currently implementing regional GDSs such as KIU in Latin America and Travelsky in China.

In addition to traditional channels, FLG Aviation is present on platforms such as Travelfusion and facilitates the direct integration of agencies, either through an API connection or through its agency portal.

Eraa (Airlines Regional European) event in Malta

FLG Aviation provides real or virtual connectivity between its own clients, exponentially increasing the networks of its operators of different modes of transport.

Specifically, it offers its distribution services exclusively to transportation companies such as airlines, cruise ships, railway companies and buses with ticketing solutions for travel agencies, consolidators and OTAs. Travelers also benefit from being able to choose from more operators, more routes and more destinations. Each year, thousands of passengers travel between the company's customer locations using FLG Aviation's Q4-291 tickets.

All these tickets are regularly reported by the local BSPs, and Euroairlines, parent of FLG Aviation, ensures complete revenue collection, processing all data and generating a sales report for the company.

What support does the company provide to end customers who purchase services through FLG Aviation?

The attention and support to travel agencies and end clients is one of our differential values.

Regarding customer service, it is carried out in different languages where we are present and during local hours, with a proactive approach to resolving any incident. For example, in the event of delays or cancellations, an alternative is always sought for the passenger.

Guillermo López Lázaro with the director of the DGAC before obtaining the AOC in Chile

Thus, FLG Aviation's customer service ensures that it can offer everything the user needs, with experts who are always willing to take maximum care of tourism workers.

What short-medium term plans do you have in terms of destinations and fleet for FLG Aviation?

The objective is to increase the capacity and complexity of the fleet, evolving from the Beechcraft Baron B58 to the Cessnas 421 and 340, covering Europe and North Africa, combining regular transport with charter.

Guillermo López Lazaro at the presentation event of the airline Paranair in Asunción

We want to maintain a single manufacturer because of the synergies and savings that standardization provides in areas such as crews, maintenance, etc.

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