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Euroairlines Group took part in T2RL ENGAGE in London


Last week's event for leading companies in the aviation technology sector took place in London, showcasing new e-commerce capabilities for the travel industry.

Over the past few days, T2RLEngage 2023 has brought together leading companies to introduce pioneering e-commerce capabilities to the travel industry. Airlines, in an attempt to deliver seamless and personalised experiences to their customers, often find themselves navigating a maze of suppliers and systems. Increasingly airlines are looking for bespoke solutions and this is why this type of event is so relevant and well attended by the airline industry.

On behalf of the Euroairlines Group, our Consulting Director Pablo Garcia Colomer attended the event. The event showcased new NDC technologies to revolutionise the way airlines relate to their customers.


Euroairlines Group currently distributes globally to more than 20 airlines in different direct and indirect channels. One of the company's goals is to offer the latest technology to its customers, including the NDC as a sales channel.

"In a new era of retail services, every interaction counts. When travellers expect more from the airlines they choose to fly with, they must be able to offer more. Airlines must impress at every touchpoint and offer personalised options that are inspiring, engaging and frictionless. Improving the air travel experience, while driving commercial value and sustainable growth". says Pablo Garcia Colomer.

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