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FLG Aviation was present at the 11th convention of the GEA Group Argentina

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The event was attended by Martin Rossani Costas CEO of FLG Aviation and Damian Ganzc Sales Manager of FLG Aviation.


For the team it was a pleasure to attend the event and the professionalism of all its agencies. At the same event we were able to present the different commercial representations of airlines and transport companies that the company has in Latin America.


On the other hand, the Eurodistribution distribution platform was presented. The agencies were happy that the platform was already present in the BSP of Argentina and all the countries of the Southern Cone. From now on, they will have access to more airline and transport content that they did not have access to before.

In the words of Guillermo López Lázaro, Business Development Director: "The Gea Group convention was a great event for us, being close to the travel agencies and being able to share with them the entry into Argentina's BSP and announce the launch of the airline American Jet on our platform, was undoubtedly a great day.


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