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FLG has been appointed Eurodistribution's GSA for Latam

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Eurodistribution Hosting and Distribution Services has increased its presence in the BSPs of America and Latam.

The company currently offers its services to its customers with the marketing of their tickets in the BSPs of USA, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Saint-Martin, Reunion and Martinique.

FLG Aviation will be Eurodistribution's GSA in these markets for the marketing of its customers. This will allow all its customers to market their tickets in these BSP markets through the main GDS: Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport and Kiu.

With this extensive network of BSPs in the Americas, it will strengthen Eurodistribution's customer connections and promotion of the companies in Latam.

FLG Aviation's Business Development Director, Guillermo Lopez Lazaro says: "Being present in all major markets in the Americas, allows us to develop our strategic plan for our existing customers and strengthen our sales network for new customers who are interested in having a presence in the Latin American, American and Caribbean markets.


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