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Euroairlines Group present at the Travel Summit 2023 organized by Minsait

Updated: Sep 19

Antonio López Lázaro (CEO Euroairlines Group), Ignacio Rodriguez Torres (CEO Eurodistribution) and Pablo Garcia Colomer (Consulting Director) attended the Travel Summit organized by Minsait at Indra's headquarters on behalf of the Euroairlines Group.

The main novelty was the real commitment that the travel industry is making to the use of AI and advanced analytics to continue growing. The tourism sector has focused on the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics as ways to maintain its profitability after a record 2022, as explained by several experts in the sector at the Travel Summit 2023 organized by Minsait, a Indra.

The travel industry seeks to gain momentum and faces this season as if it were a turning point for its continuity, after the year 2022. This new stage for the sector, marked by the digital transformation of its operators and companies, will be marked by the massive incorporation of advanced technologies such as AI and advanced analytics.

The adoption of these technologies aims to manage data and information in a more qualitative way and to be able to offer trips with greater value to increasingly digital recipients, but also demanding and committed to issues such as safety or sustainability. These conclusions have been addressed during Minsait's Travel Summit 2023, the sectoral meeting held this week by the digital company for the travel industry in which large brands and tourism leaders have gathered.

The general director of Indra and head of markets and verticals at Minsait, Borja Ochoa, opened the conference by referring to the last few years: "The Covid-19 pandemic caused a great interruption in our way of life, with global travel restrictions and large losses in revenue for airlines, hotels and other travel-related businesses.

"In response, the industry had to adapt and innovate quickly, exploring new business models and digital solutions, showing its resilience, and with a gradual recovery in some sectors, as well as new emerging opportunities in others," explained the head of Minsait. .

Ochoa has also stressed how knowledge of the main trends or digital solutions has become key to the survival of industries in the sector. During the event, the contribution that technologies such as artificial intelligence or advanced analytics have to manage the information they receive from their users, and to be able to convert it into valuable resources that contribute to improving their figures and offering better experiences, was highlighted.

Along with these, both automation, to evolve the processes and operations of the sector, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have already represented a paradigm shift to connect devices and encourage multichannel. This is added to the growing need to migrate processes to the cloud, in order to increase the flexibility of operations within a global environment in which uncertainty prevails, as confirmed by the coronavirus three years ago.


One of the main assets for evolution, also for safe evolution, are technological allies, whether on the part of hyperscalers, who value the importance of cloud technology as a transformative lever of change, or through the emergence in the market of new partners or allies. These new partners have specific applications that help improve specific actions or operating models.

The director of Travel and Tourism at Minsait, Emilio Mora, has pointed out that the travel industry has always had innovation in its DNA and has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing technological solutions, something that the pandemic temporarily paused.

«However, global issues such as the 2020 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, supply crises or energy demand have directly affected their companies. There was a time when people could not travel and keeping many of these companies in operation was not profitable," the manager noted.

However, Mora has stressed that the sector regained "a certain normality" last year, but the market has changed in this period, as have the demands and concerns of travelers.

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