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The Eurodistribution platform announces distribution agreement with the airline Aeroregional

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The Eurodistribution platform announces distribution agreement with the airline Aeroregional.


Aeroregional has permission for non-scheduled operations, national and international, for several countries in South America, Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Currently the airline is positioned as the main charter service provider for the tourism industry in Ecuador, carrying out frequent operations throughout the year.

With this distribution agreement between the airlines Aeroregional and Euroairlines, the entire inventory of the Paraguayan airline will be displayed in more than 60 Iata markets through Euroairlines. This will allow access to thousands of travel agencies, Otas and consolidators around the world to the commercialization of Aeroregional through the Eurodistribution platform.

For his part, Guillermo López Lázaro, Development Director of Eurodistribution states: “The distribution agreement is a great satisfaction for both companies and one that both companies have been working on for some time. We are going to increase the visibility of Aeroregional's product, routes and brand and achieve an increase in its sales in the Iata markets of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia where they were not present.

The Eurodistribution platform is already present in more than 60 Iata markets and is currently opening the main markets on the Asian and African continent.

The CEO of the Euroairlines Group, Antonio López Lázaro, states: “We are growing a lot with airlines in Latin America, we are aware of the need to be able to offer a global product today, which is why Eurodistribution and Aeroregional have joined their paths to be able to publicize the airline and increase its sales in international markets.”

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