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  • Euroairlines and Air Century announce interline integration between systems.

    Air Century celebrates a new milestone in its growth and expansion plan by successfully achieving interline integration with Euroairlines, a leading company in the aviation sector. This interline integration between Air Century and Euroairlines will provide passengers with broader and more convenient connectivity, offering unprecedented access to an extensive network of domestic and international destinations. It reinforces their commitment to delivering a comprehensive, efficient, and world-class travel experience to customers. Felipe Gutiérrez, the airline's Commercial Director, expressed, "The interline integration with Euroairlines signifies a significant step for Air Century in our ongoing pursuit of providing exceptional travel experiences for our passengers. We are excited about the new opportunities this partnership will bring them." He highlighted that "the benefits of this collaboration extend beyond traveler convenience, also strengthening the position of both airlines in the competitive aviation market. The strategic alliance between Air Century and Euroairlines reflects their shared commitment to raising service standards and meeting the evolving needs of modern travelers." Guillermo López Lázaro, Euroairlines' Business Development Director, stated, "We are proud to contribute to the development of an airline like Air Century, which has successfully navigated the challenges of its markets and operations. We look forward to definitively consolidating its internationalization."

  • Euroairlines signs an agreement with GDS Sirena to access the Eastern European market

    The German global distribution and technological support company for air transport, Sirena, and the Spanish provider of comprehensive air services, Euroairlines, have signed an agreement enabling the latter to access over a thousand travel agencies in Eastern Europe. This alliance aligns with Euroairlines' strategy to enhance its presence in Eastern markets. According to Euroairlines CEO Guillermo López-Lázaro, the agreement reaffirms the Spanish company's 'real commitment' in Eastern markets. The signing coincides with the launch of Euroairlines' IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) clearing platform in new countries, facilitating the activation of sales capabilities in reservation systems for new markets. Sirena, through its Sirena-Travel distribution platform, holds a strong presence in the market. It provides services for over 200 airlines, with more than 700 travel agencies using its platform and over 270 airports relying on its billing platform. As a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and one of the top 10 global providers of passenger management systems, Sirena, with offices in Germany and Eastern Europe, has been operating its global distribution platform since 2001, accumulating over 20 years of IT experience in the aviation sector. The company also ensures customer data security in credit card transactions with PCI DSS certification. Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, over a thousand travel agencies in Eastern Europe will gain access to Euroairlines' services. Simultaneously, the agreement will enhance Sirena's presence in the Spanish market

  • Sunrise Airways and EuroAirlines announce Global Distribution Agreement

    The Haitian airline, serving the entire Caribbean, will gain access to aggregators, consolidators, and travel agencies across a network spanning over fifty countries operated by the Spanish company. Haitian airline Sunrise Airways has decided to entrust the distribution of all its domestic and international routes to the Spanish company Euroairlines, following the signing of a collaboration agreement between the two entities. This collaboration allows the Caribbean airline to leverage a network of travel agencies, OTAs, aggregators, and consolidators in more than fifty countries, made available by Euroairlines through its IATA Q4 plate. Sunrise Airways currently operates flights throughout the Caribbean, with a significant focus on Haiti, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Puerto Príncipe, San Martín, Panama, Guadeloupe, and Miami. For example, it offers 18 weekly flights between Haiti and Cuba and another 36 between Santo Domingo and Puerto Príncipe. Founded in 2009 in Haiti, Sunrise Airways was established to connect the Caribbean islands and capitals of the region. Since then, it has experienced the most significant growth of any airline in the geographical area, both in terms of passenger volume and the expansion of international routes. According to Philippe Bayard, President of Sunrise Airways, "this agreement will open up even more distribution channels and enhance sales." For Antonio López-Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, the agreement will further intensify and consolidate the significant growth experienced by the Haitian airline in recent years. "Sunrise Airways is a strategic partner for us, allowing us to strengthen our presence in a crucial area for international traffic," says López-Lázaro. Gregory Taffouraud, CCO of Euroairlines, adds: "We are delighted to support Sunrise's strong growth, one of the leading airlines in the Caribbean." Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Business Development, states: "With the addition of Sunrise Airways to our portfolio, we become the distribution platform with the most connections in the Caribbean, and we are happy to carry the Sunrise brand across the more than 50 markets where we are present with Q4. About Sunrise Airways Since 2012, Sunrise Airways has facilitated connections between major cities in Haiti (Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Jérémie), Santo Domingo, Cuba (Havana, Santiago, Camagüey, Holguín), Panama, Guadeloupe, Miami, and San Martín, contributing to strengthening ties within the Caribbean community. The airline is dedicated to ensuring regularity, punctuality, and fair fares for users, with the goal of creating a true Caribbean network that prioritizes passengers and environmental sustainability. In just over a decade, the company has transported more than 1.5 million passengers, serving airports in four Haitian cities, seven international cities, and seven Caribbean countries.

  • Euroairlines Group announces global distribution agreement with Rutaca Airlines.

    We are pleased to announce our new client, Rutaca, a Venezuelan airline with over 50 years of experience in the industry that has chosen Euroairlines for the distribution of all its domestic and international routes. Rutaca began operations in 1974 and has since continued to grow, becoming one of the most established and historic airlines in Latin America. Rutaca has a staff of over 300 employees and a fleet consisting of 4 Boeing 737 and 3 McDonnell MD aircraft. Currently, Rutaca connects Venezuela through 14 domestic and international routes. It operates domestic routes from Caracas to Porlamar, Barcelona, Puerto Ordaz, Maracaibo, San Antonio, Santo Domingo, Maturín, Ciudad Bolívar, and Barquisimeto. Internationally, Rutaca offers services to the destinations of Punta Cana and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. In 2024, it will initiate routes from Caracas to Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Through Euroairlines, Rutaca is now available to travel agencies, online travel agencies (OTAs), and consolidators in more than 50 countries through our IATA Q4 plate, on major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) platforms worldwide, such as Amadeus, Sabre, or Travelport. Rutaca's destinations await you with Euroairlines. Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Development at Euroairlines, comments: "This commercial alliance will allow access to Rutaca's content for thousands of travel agencies worldwide. It will serve as a sales lever and help Rutaca become a global company. We are thrilled to accompany Rutaca in this new stage of internationalization with expectations of fleet and international route growth, such as the Buenos Aires and Montevideo routes that will be operational in 2024."

  • Beond, the world's first premium airline, announces a distribution agreement with Euroairlines

    DUBAI, December 14, 2023. Beond, the world's first premium leisure airline, and Eurodistribution, the distribution platform of the Euroairlines Group, have entered into a partnership allowing the airline to market its flights through travel agencies in more than 50 countries. The platform, through its IATA plate Q4-291, will provide distribution for all Beond flights in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia through its IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP). Flights are already available on major global distribution systems (GDS), including Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. The airline operates weekly flights from Munich, Zurich, and Riyadh, with operations set to begin in 2024 from Milan and Dubai. Beond will commence operations with Airbus A319 aircraft configured with 44 lie-flat seats in business class, ensuring a high-quality experience. The airline has highlighted the growing demand for luxury services and experiences in the travel and tourism industry this year. Beond's ambition is to expand to a fleet of 32 aircraft and 60 destinations within five years. The launch of Beond marks a significant milestone for the sector. Its first aircraft, unveiled at the Dubai Airshow 2023, offers an intimate environment with only 44 lie-flat seats, providing passengers with an unparalleled combination of comfort and privacy during their journey. The airline will transport passengers to the Maldives from Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region. Beond is a joint venture formed by the Emirati investment firm Arabesque and the Maldivian hotel company SIMDI Group. "We are pleased to enter into this commercial agreement with Euroairlines, a leading platform for travel agents," said Tero Taskila, CEO of Beond. "Euroairlines is a natural partner because they have the right combination of clientele and experience to offer Beond to their discerning customer base." Antonio López Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, expressed, "Beond has a unique vision, product, and service in the industry by launching the world's first premium leisure airline, and Euroairlines provides them with all its global distribution capabilities to ensure Beond's success. We are honored to be designated as key partners of Beond, providing them with the most customer-focused solution to develop their distribution in markets, channels, networks, and customer service.

  • Euroairlines was present at the Christmas gala of in Portugal.

    Last week, the Christmas dinner, Bright Night, organized by took place, bringing together companies from the sector for a day of gratitude towards their clients and partners for their trust over the years. Representing Euroairlines was José Luis Benito, Sales Manager. Euroairlines is active in the Portuguese market, marketing the entire inventory of our partner airlines through our IATA Q4 plate. In the photos, our colleague José Luis Benito is seen with Carla Silva, Sales Director of, and Rafael Valente from the sales team. Also pictured is Lidia Pereira, marketing manager at Publituris, one of the most prestigious media outlets in the tourism sector in Portugal, with whom we will be conducting commercial activities in 2024. And alongside our colleague Susana Da Graca, Commercial Manager of Select Aviation.

  • Euroairlines and Minsait announced an agreement to implement their airline management solution.

    Minsait, a company of Indra, has reached an agreement with the globally leading Spanish merchant in air distribution, Euroairlines. According to Minsait, their task will be to implement their revenue management and accounting technology into Euroairlines' operations through their intelligent 'Revenue Accounting' solution (OneSait). This solution is capable of real-time monitoring of the passenger lifecycle, from purchase to the actual flight, streamlining processes, and providing companies with quantitative and reliable information. Minsait's technology will enable Euroairlines to confidently tackle the challenge of expanding from operating in 22 markets, as it does currently, to being present in more than 50 markets. This goal is set to be achieved by the society between 2023 and 2024, making them a strategic company expected to exceed €20 million in revenue by 2024. Emilio Mora, the director of the 'Travel & Hospitality' division at Minsait, emphasized that the agreement will boost the operational and financial efficiency of Euroairlines' clients. "Our vision for the future is to facilitate Euroairlines' expansion into more than 50 markets, solidifying them as a strategic company. This collaboration demonstrates the positive impact that our innovative solutions can have on the air distribution industry," he added. Antonio López Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines, stated that "this technology will allow us to become a truly global company, entering fifty markets across five continents with agility, security, and reliability, and competing with top-level global competitors. We will provide our customers with the most suitable markets, channels, and connectivity for their strategy." López Lázaro also mentioned that Euroairlines has become "one of the most active marketing and distribution operators in the sector" in the last two decades. Their expertise and reach to hundreds of operators will accelerate Minsait's access to a greater number of airlines. They will also collaborate with Euroairlines to develop profitability analysis and cost accounting products, applying the know-how of both companies to other modes of transportation and complementary industries, such as hospitality.

  • Guillermo López presented the award for the best international short film at the Butoni Festival

    At the latest edition of the Butoni Film Festival held in the city of Valencia, Euroairlines took center stage by participating as a sponsor of the film festival. The Butoni Fest is an international cultural festival that took place in Valencia on November 2, 3, 4, and 5 at the CCC in the Valencian city. The main goal of Butoni Fest is to be a festival for everyone, a hub of synergies, a meeting place where young filmmakers showcase their works alongside established industry professionals and exchange ideas. It's a space where emerging musicians share their music accompanied by illustrations from young artists, and where children dreaming of becoming actors learn the ropes of filmmaking. A place where the present and the future come together hand in hand. Representing the Euroairlines Group, Guillermo López Lázaro, Director of Business Development, had the honor of presenting the award for the best international short film. The accolade went to the short film 'PARIS 70,' which has received over 60 awards and has been nominated for the 2024 Goya Awards. It's an emotional film that, without succumbing to tragedy, addresses the topic of Alzheimer's disease and underscores the importance of palliative care. Hol states, 'It's an honor to be able to participate in a film festival that has been growing so much in recent years, with international presence from directors, actors, and production companies. It's special for us to be able to contribute in our own region. Last year, Euroairlines supported Valencian racer Ruben Saldaña for the Dakar, and this year, we wanted to support the film industry.'

  • Euroairlines Group present at the presentation of Invest Valencia with Valencia Premium.

    The presentation of Invest Valencia for members of the Valencia Premium association took place today at the SH Valencia hotel. Euroairlines was represented by its Business Development Director, Guillermo López Lázaro. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Valencia Premium. In the presentation, the importance of ‘Invest in València’ as an instrument to attract investment to the city, collaborate with local and national institutions, create a network of professional experts and suppliers and build community with foreign companies in Valencia and Valencians abroad was discussed. It has been reported how ‘Invest in Valencia’ is a success story of public-private collaboration. The main objective is to align institutions with companies to drive added value in Valencia. “We have to make it easy for companies to come. Our city competes with the rest of Spain to position itself and in Valencia we have two fundamental attributes: talent management and the city’s quality of life. “Valencia is always a good idea”, concluded the Invest Valencia management team. Invest in València, stressed the need to create positive economic impact in the city of Valencia. “We are efficient connectors”. The main objective of Invest in València is to attract new investment projects to the city of Valencia to consolidate its economic and technological development. It is a model of permanent collaboration and the work of the whole of Valencia’s civil and business society.” On the performance of this initiative, he assured that it has been very high. “We have had a return on investment of 5.6 million euros and 17 success stories in our first year. The goal for 2024 is to consolidate. The success stories are projects in the R&D&I, tech, health and logistics sectors, including companies such as Hyperion Group, CKS Consulting, Commercetools, Aviatar, Odoo, Arkhaus, Taligent, Siemens, principal 33, Urb-it, Bosonit, Inverid and Adaptamix, and the most proactive economies have been Germany, the Nordic countries and the USA, with Southeast Asia remaining as a pending issue.

  • Euroairlines attended the IATA World Financial Symposium 2023 in Chicago

    Euroairlines was present at the IATA World Financial Symposium 2023 in Chicago. Euroairlines was represented by Giorgio Rondinelli at the edition organized by IATA for airlines in Chicago. Finances of airlines were naturally one of the main focal points at the World Financial and Passenger Symposiums. Joseph Shanahan, Global Aviation Director at Citi Bank, explained that airlines generally raised more money than they needed during the pandemic and, therefore, have good overall liquidity. “Airlines did a fantastic job during COVID,” he said. However, increased demand and sustainability mean that money is being spent. Airlines are hesitant to raise more capital at this time due to high interest rates. Shanahan suspected that airline liquidity won’t last long enough, as high rates are likely to persist for a few more years. Therefore, airlines will soon return to accessing financing. In the United States, bond issuance markets are expected to be the most active. In China and the Asia-Pacific region, local banks will be the main sources of financing as usual, while other areas will focus more on sales and leasebacks, as well as export credit agencies. Much of the airline’s money will be spent on sustainability initiatives in the future. Nicklas Lund, CEO of Rockton Partners, estimated that the industry will need to invest around $5 trillion, or about $175 billion per year, to achieve its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Yet, the profit for airlines in 2023 will be only $10 million, and that’s after three years of significant losses. It’s clear that aviation will need to access financing to support its sustainability initiatives. Some of the money will come from the aviation sector, but public and private capital will be essential. Public capital will be based on programs in individual countries or regions, while private capital will come from the oil and gas industry, capital markets, and bank debt providers, among others. Venture capital may get involved, but Lund suspected they wouldn’t be immediately attracted. Lund expects that, ultimately, a virtuous circle will be created where investment leads to projects that provide tangible carbon reduction results and make future investment more likely. But transformative technologies and significant gains will be needed. Lund explained that the price of electricity derived from solar energy decreased by 89% between 2009 and 2019, and the cost of wind electricity saw a 70% reduction. Aviation will need changes of this magnitude, perhaps in the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) or the energy density of batteries; a small annual improvement won’t be sufficient. “Aviation will have to punch above its weight,” he said, noting that the industry will require about 20% of global electricity production and 30% of global green hydrogen production to achieve its 2050 goals. Lund says that if aviation achieves this level of transformation, it will inevitably impact business models. The regional sector landscape could be completely disrupted by new propulsion technologies, for example. Meanwhile, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft will power airports, and there may even be sustainable medium-range aircraft. At the same time, costs, especially those of SAF, will undoubtedly increase and this will trickle down to ticket prices. “In general, there are reasons to be optimistic for 2024,” said Willie Walsh, CEO of IATA. “There are many issues that are not under an airline’s control, but we need to influence the weak points and collaborate on solutions.” The conversation focused on the latest results of the IATA Global Passenger Survey (GPS). The GPS shows that most passengers are satisfied with the travel experience, and there are encouraging signs. Speed and comfort were highlighted as passengers’ top requirements, but the panel emphasized that this doesn’t necessarily have to come at a higher cost. Instead, it could be beneficial for both airlines and passengers through simpler digital processes. Too often, said Adrian Neuhauser, CEO of Avianca, something is done because it has always been done. Luis Rodrigues, CEO of TAP Air Portugal, referred to this as “the economy of simplicity.” It’s easier to keep doing things as they’ve always been done than to step back and strive for a new and improved methodology. Biometrics are an important facilitator for streamlining precise processes. They have been in place for many years, and the technology and its acceptance continue to improve. The GPS shows that passengers are becoming increasingly comfortable with biometrics. The passenger experience also depends on better payment methods. But Neuhauser emphasized that it’s a complex and rapidly changing area. “There are hardware, software, rules, and fraud issues,” he said. Rodrigues agreed and said that revenue should not be lost because a passenger wants to pay with a certain method. The panel accepted the GPS’s conclusion that luggage remains a weak point. In general, Rodrigues said, luggage handling remains the same as it was 20 years ago. Technology must be used to reinvent the sector. The panel: Adrian Neuhauser, CEO of Avianca Luís Rodrigues, CEO of TAP Air Portugal Willie Walsh, CEO of IATA Karen Walker, Editor in Chief of Air Transport World (Moderator)

  • FLG Aviation participated in IFTM Top Resa in Paris

    Euroairlines was represented at IFTM Top Resa by Gregory Taffouraud and José Luis Benito. Undoubtedly the most important travel and tourism fair in France is IFTM Top Resa, held in Paris, at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles (Paris). As the main reference fair for the tourism sector in France, it is exclusively focused on professionals, which in its previous edition brought together nearly 30,000 professionals, more than 400 exhibitors and 600 accredited journalists.

  • The Eurodistribution platform is a new member of IATA's ICH.

    The Eurodistribution platform through its European AOC carrier Euroairlines (Q4-291) is a new ICH member of IATA, the term "ICH Clearing House" refers to the IATA BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) Clearing House, which is a system used by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to facilitate the billing and payment processing between airlines and travel agents. The ICH Clearing House is responsible for handling funds between airlines and travel agents, ensuring that payments are made efficiently and accurately. Travel agents remit their payments through the BSP to the ICH, and then the ICH distributes the funds to the airlines concerned. This simplifies the billing process and ensures that airlines receive revenue in a timely manner. IATA forms a select club of ICH-enabled airlines around the world, which need to be audited and complete all IATA requirements in order to become a member of the clearing house. The 5 points on which the benefits of ICH membership are based are: Invoicing and settlement: The ICH Clearing House is a key component of the IATA BSP system. It facilitates the invoicing and settlement of transactions between airlines and travel agents. This includes ticketing, collection of funds from travel agents and distribution of payments to airlines. Financial security: The ICH Clearing House plays an important role in ensuring the financial security of transactions between the parties involved. It helps reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensures that travel agents meet their financial obligations to airlines. Regulations and standards: IATA sets regulations and standards that govern the operation of the ICH Clearing House and the BSP system as a whole. This includes guidelines for invoicing, account reconciliation and dispute resolution. Settlement process: The settlement process in the ICH Clearing House involves travel agencies remitting funds collected from ticket sales through the BSP. The ICH then verifies and reconciles these transactions, ensuring that the funds are correctly distributed to the airlines. Efficiency and cost reduction: The use of the ICH Clearing House and the IATA BSP system helps to improve efficiency in the check-in and settlement process, which in turn reduces operating costs for both airlines and travel agents. The ICH operates on the basis of a well-defined process: Ticket Sales: Travel agents sell airline tickets to passengers and collect the corresponding money. Remittance of Funds: Travel agents remit the funds collected to the ICH through the IATA BSP system. This is done at regular intervals. Payment Distribution: Once transactions are reconciled, the ICH distributes funds to airlines based on the sales made by each travel agency. Reporting and Regulation: The ICH provides detailed reports to airlines and travel agencies, which assists in financial decision making and account management. In short, IATA's ICH Clearing House plays a vital role in simplifying and standardising financial transactions in the aviation industry. It facilitates invoicing, account reconciliation and payment distribution, which in turn improves efficiency and financial security in the industry. Antonio López Lázaro, CEO of Euroairlines Group says: "Our roadmap has always been to have the ICH, today is a day in which we fulfil part of that strategy of being able to bring value both to the agencies and to the more than 20 airlines with which we have Interline and Codeshare. Because IATA subjects airlines wishing to become members of the clearing house to extensive studies and audits. And it is clear that Euroairlines meets all the necessary requirements with IATA to be part of this select club of airlines in the world". Ignacio Rodriguez Torres, CEO of Eurodistribution concludes: "There are many airlines in the world that would like to have ICH, we are happy to be able to share it as part of the value we bring to our customers and the travel agency ecosystem. IATA is certainly very strict with the airlines that want to join the IATA clearinghouse and the standards airlines have to meet are high. So we are proud to be able to announce this news to the industry as part of our evolution".

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